Here's a drawing that Devon did recently for a show poster. The event was a Mark Templeton show, so I asked her to draw a laptop with a bunch of nature imagery popping out of it. I thought it would suit his audio aesthetic. The night itself was pretty fun, although the sound system at Ragpickers is no good for laptop shows (for future reference). If you came to the show, thanks!



Hello. Nice to meet you. We're Devon and Curtis.
We like to silkscreen, play tetris, sing karaoke, and make art.
If you'd like to introduce yourself too, leave us a comment.
On this blog we'll be posting drawings we've done, drawings we like, and designs that we'll silkscreen. We just launched an Etsy store the other day, and right now it's exclusively t-shirts, but we're hoping to post some other stuff soon too, like original prints, greeting cards, maybe tote bags, etc. We're new to the online sales thing, so if you have any ideas for us, let us know!

Thanks for checking in!