Welcome to Leap Day!

Here is a piece of one of my paintings that is featured on the cover of The Manitoban this week. It is acrylic and ink on canvas. I thought it would be a nice simple uplifting image for the newspaper as we move into spring.

If you are new to our little blog, please take a minute to check out some of my drawings in the archives, they feature ink-painted comics about some elderly folks I had the pleasure of knowing. Enjoy!


My Sweetest Valentine

Some people get flowers, others get chocolates.
I get a hand-made music video of a song that I like (by one of my favorite bands) performed by my husband and featuring my child.
Isn't Curtis amazing?!

You can take a moment and appreciate the incredible romance and talents of Curtis (aka Blunderspublik) Here.


draw! draw! draw!

hey pals, were you getting tired of looking at curtis' november haircut? man o man. we have been busy over here. i (devon) have been drawing lots and enjoying taking a class on graphic novels. this illustration above is from an article on free speech.

my tiny baby is now a 6 month old. my big boy is saying phrases like "yer wunnerful mommy" and "happy new year eweebuddy!"
everything is good. i will post some new illustration work soon...but of course you can always check me out over at The Manitoban

in other news: curtis is going to be taking a parental leave starting at the end of March so i expect this 'lil blog of ours may explode with creative projects in the spring. it's going to be amazing. stay tuned. xo