Little Books

Hey Everybody!

I am excited to announce that some little books i have been working on will be available to see (and buy) at the upcoming show at Freud's Bathhouse and Diner. (42 Albert Street in Winnipeg)
One book is called: "Getting to know some folks." This book is hand-printed, folded and sewn together with my moms sewing machine.
There are five copies of this one, available for three dollars each.

The other little book is called: "Puree time" and it features ink drawings photocopied onto acetate plastic. The pages are sewn together inside a paper cover with a divider so you can look at them individually or piled on top of each other. I made one only. also just three bucks.

So please check it out friends!! Here is a link to the gallery:


And here is a link to the actual show:



The Kwina Sheba

Old Folks in nursing homes have a few perks. One major one is getting visits from the St. Johns Ambulance Therapy Dog.
Ours was Kwina.
She is no longer with us but everyone has fond memories of her spirited nature, her kind eyes, her super soft ears and her lovely owner Margaret. Would you believe Margaret and Kwina came once a week rain or shine for most of Kwina's life? And they visited all 6 wings in the whole place. Every visit.