colouring for adults

two more illustrations to complete before this weekend ends but an outside contribution deadline extended (and looming) had me drawing madly this afternoon. so, here's the deal: the university radio station is in need of fundraising annually....so a genius plan of getting local artists to draw for a colouring book is hatched. MORE ON THIS LATER!!! i don't want to give too much away but the book will be available for purchase in the new year (full credit for this project inspiration + coordination goes to our fellow creative crafter buddy jenny henkelman.) but here you go, you can see my page. so many lines to fill in with colour!! devon xo



Curtis here...I was inspired by one of Devon's drawing assignments at the newspaper this week. She was charged with drawing "angry sports fans in the style of John Kricfalusi". I love John K.'s drawing style...and our senses of humour mesh about 70% of the time too. Anyways,here's what I sketched out at the coffee table:
Sure Devon's is better, but I think mine has a certain charm. Keep in mind that my kid was stealing all of my watercolour pencils as I was drawing it, hence some of the strange colour decisions.



hey. hey. well, i have been a little overloaded lately and finding it challenging to post new stuff, even though there actually IS new stuff which is a nice feeling! also- most illustration work was been sports related the last two weeks...not my comfort zone, but great practice. This recent illustration is for an article discussing the new rule for no head contact in junior hockey. i made the ref a young boy and simplified everything down to gestural strokes on most of the body so the head signal and helmet area are highlighted as most visually important.