Devon's been making these thank you cards for our recent Ontario baby shower, where we got a ton of cool stuff, including many handmade things. The images come from a book called "Questions Children Ask" by Edith and Ernest Bonhivert (1956), and they look like ink and marker illustrations. Click on the photo for a larger view!


Hello Dolly!

I (curtis) recently finished embroiding (?) a doll (action figure?) for my impending baby. Here he is:

Originally I was thinking that i'd sew up some clothes for him, but everyone seems to prefer him in his birthday suit. I'll have to wait for my kid to name him, so in the meantime i've just been addressing him as "Hey you!"...and he always replies with that same mischievous grin.


Stylus Cover!

Sorry for my delinquency fans, I was in Costa Rica teaching for 2 months; hence the tan if you see me in the streets of Wpg. What I should have posted in April was the cover of the April/May issue of Stylus magazine, which featured an illustration by Devon! It looked like this:

They also used a detail of it on their website, which looked like this:

It's an ink drawing with watercolour detail in a springtime palette (in my opinion). I love it - don't you?



Devon's Heart

Devon (metaphorically) gave me her heart this valentine's day, in needle-felted form. Romantic, right? I thought so too.

Our pre-med buddy was quick to point out though that it isn't anatomically correct...which doesn't diminish the "heartfelt" sentiment at all.
Get it?