Hey, Hey. A rainy day over here in Winnipeg. I dug this sketch out to share with you all. Hope you enjoy!


The Weather Report

There was somehow nothing more comforting than hearing the monotone voice of Birdy reading the weather report off of the TV while I was walking down wing six in the afternoon.

There is also this whole thing in the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" where Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) has to recite the "weather report" to this mobster Sally Tomato, while he is in jail. The "weather report" itself was actually code for mob-related messages and activities.
So, Can't you just picture it? Birdy sitting in her room all day with a tiny wire reading the "weather report" to the mobsters on the outside?


'Tis but a flesh wound.

I drew this one a few days ago- I used these great "Grey-Scale" brush tipped markers that my friend Travis gave me. I like the effect of a few tones of grey.

So, I hope the skin thing doesn't upset anyone (Curtis loved the drawing but was disturbed by the open sore.)
Some elderly folks have trouble with their skin healing.
My grandmother Enna had an open sore on her leg for over two years. I know Victor was a little embarrassed of his sore, he wore this old cap over it most days- even at the dinner table. I had already known him for almost a month before i even saw it and this is exactly what he said when i noticed it: "Darn thing just won't heal."


Making Friends with Alzheimers

I couldn't find my favorite brush tip marker the other day so I did this quick sketch with a black felt pen.

I have many stories about these two gents. I am hoping to work out some more stories on this topic soon.

I still remember the day that i met the REAL Val (not realizing that he was Bill's old buddy before Lloyd came along and effectively replaced him) I was so shocked at how non-responsive Val was and yet you could see the anger bubbling beneath the surface as he was spoon-fed his puree dinner. Sometimes he would spit out mouthfuls or dig his hands in the bowl and push the whole mess on the floor. Apparently he was not a very nice friend to Bill either and he was constantly bossing him around.
So, don't you think it's a nice turn of events that Bill now has Lloyd instead? Most days you can spot the two of them hand in hand walking around and around the dining-room.


Buried Treasure!

My gardening friend particularly loves this story I tell about potato harvesting at the nursing home. I have been meaning to draw it for a long time and finally got around to it this week.
Once I started writing and drawing I realized this could have been a way longer story; I could tell by how many words i tried to cram in to the frames!
I think I have a lot more to say about gardening with the elderly so I hope for more comics to follow on this theme.

In the meantime I think this one says what I want it to say about potatoes.

Hey there, can i trouble you for a cookie?

Many fond memories of this lovely gentleman we shall call William. Man did the guy love to sing hymns at the top of his voice on a sunday morning. hymns and sunday mornings are not especially my thing... but how can you resist the sheer joy on williams face when you hand him a choir book and start the cassette tape going with hymn number one: Rock of Ages. whew. it still brings a tear to my eye.
oh man.
and his voice.
big and booming sugary gravel baritone with a lisp.



I drew this one the same day that I drew Mildred- that's why the lines are nice and inky...