Mozy Rue

You can now buy our hand-printed "tijit" designs at the sweetest little eco collective at the end of my street!

We are so excited to be a part of this wonderful boutique: it's beautiful, features local designers, has many handmade things made from preloved objects and tons of eye candy to drool over.

Everyone can find one special thing to go home with at Mozy Rue. Pop in and say hi on your way along Osborne Street!

And by the way, check out the nice shout-out I found on their blog this week:



Bitter Sweet

Whenever I sit down to draw one of these old friends, or tell their story there is not one emotion I can definitely commit to. I am happy to have known them, sad they are gone, disappointed in the living situation they had to endure while struggling with Alzheimers...and then the whole meditative act of drawing and writing as I remember is somehow life affirming.
All these things at once.
I think aging, for some folks, tends to bring their personalities and life-expereinces in to sharper focus...what does your mind hold on to as the other stuff slips away? Your love, your children ...the place where you grew up? Thinking about aging makes me hyper-aware of the life I am living right now- I will be reminiscing about it one day too.
A four panel doesn't tell it all but I sure try to cram in as much of it as possible.


The man, the mystery.

I am hoping to submit this drawing today to the Dave Barber Birthday Party (Art Auction) Bash to raise money for the Cinematheque in Winnipeg. It's rainy and windy and i am planning on carrying my one year old wearing his halloween costume on one hip with this drawing tucked safely under the other arm.
whew! The things we do in the name of art.
If you don't know who Dave Barber is, he is a fine gentleman who works for the Cinematheque. He is a wonderful dude to have involved with the arts community in this city.
Hey, If you are planning on going to the party you should throw some money down for this drawing...it's for a good cause!


In Print!

So, my old folks comics are going to be featured weekly (on the Diversions Page) in The Manitoban newspaper here in Winnipeg. It was pretty cool to see Lloyd printed on newsprint in all his glory this week.
And, the amazing cover for this weeks edition is a painting by my good pal, and very talented artist: s. arden hill!