barefoot + pregnant

So, this is not the most accurate depiction of the state of my body at the moment. but it is close friends, darn close.

the belly that is drawn here is pretty much the one that is attached to my little 5'4'' body right now although the water retention of mid-summer pregnancy has me looking way less emaciated than this little drawing suggests. it's the contrast that i wanted to capture.

i can't describe the shocking size difference that has transpired with this (second) pregnancy...my poor skin is stretched to the MAX. i am still managing to get around pretty well but you know you must be feeling less-than-great when you find yourself thinking: i really hope i go in to labour soon.
labour?! the best option? arrgh.

the "due date" (if you believe in such things) is this week and so hopefully the arrival of this baby will be before august.
after which i am hoping between napping babes and helpful husbands, i might be able to squeeze myself closer to the drawing tablet and get back to making some art!

see you then...