You Are Here

Did I mention that we moved to Guelph? We did. One of the cool things that we learned about Guelph after arriving here is that the Guelph Arts Council has made partnerships with local businesses and building owners to feature local artwork in shop windows that are located on busy streets with lots of foot traffic! I (Devon) proposed an installation piece for the second round of the Hatch Project and they accepted my proposal for installation in the window of Budd's (a classic department store and Guelph mainstay on Wyndham street since 1926)! Here are some pictures of me creating the piece:
As you can see from the last photo, YOU ARE HERE is a hand-illustrated map of Guelph that does not refer to physical landmarks, but attempts to trigger emotional resonances with experiences of the city. If you'd like to see it the installation with be up until the end of October.