Unique Shoes

So, part of the Cordially Yours Craft Sale was a charity shoe auction, where the organizer gave each seller a pair of blank Mary Janes to decorate as they saw fit. Devon and I each got a pair to work on, and the results are below. Devon's are the ones with faces, and mine are the polka-dotted ones that glow in the dark. It's kinda hard to tell, but mine have clear buttons adorning three of the polka-dots on each shoe. Unfortunately we missed the moment when they announced the winners, but we're hoping to see our shoes parading around town on someone's feet.

Also, we'd like...we'd LOVE to thank all of the people that supported us at the Craft Sale - we had lots of fun! Special thanks to Kelly Ruth who tuffed it out with us until 1am to be the last tables left standing.

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alterknit said...

I got the shoes with the faces! I love them love them love them! Thank you!