Making Friends with Alzheimers

I couldn't find my favorite brush tip marker the other day so I did this quick sketch with a black felt pen.

I have many stories about these two gents. I am hoping to work out some more stories on this topic soon.

I still remember the day that i met the REAL Val (not realizing that he was Bill's old buddy before Lloyd came along and effectively replaced him) I was so shocked at how non-responsive Val was and yet you could see the anger bubbling beneath the surface as he was spoon-fed his puree dinner. Sometimes he would spit out mouthfuls or dig his hands in the bowl and push the whole mess on the floor. Apparently he was not a very nice friend to Bill either and he was constantly bossing him around.
So, don't you think it's a nice turn of events that Bill now has Lloyd instead? Most days you can spot the two of them hand in hand walking around and around the dining-room.


driverkerslake said...

hey Devon its Amy, I hope this works! I think i emailed before by accident. love the work, can't wait to see more! xx

tijit said...

it worked guys! now if only HDK can remember how to do that again next time!