Little Books

Hey Everybody!

I am excited to announce that some little books i have been working on will be available to see (and buy) at the upcoming show at Freud's Bathhouse and Diner. (42 Albert Street in Winnipeg)
One book is called: "Getting to know some folks." This book is hand-printed, folded and sewn together with my moms sewing machine.
There are five copies of this one, available for three dollars each.

The other little book is called: "Puree time" and it features ink drawings photocopied onto acetate plastic. The pages are sewn together inside a paper cover with a divider so you can look at them individually or piled on top of each other. I made one only. also just three bucks.

So please check it out friends!! Here is a link to the gallery:


And here is a link to the actual show:


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colourways said...

awesome possum. I can't wait to see these lil'beauties.