Bitter Sweet

Whenever I sit down to draw one of these old friends, or tell their story there is not one emotion I can definitely commit to. I am happy to have known them, sad they are gone, disappointed in the living situation they had to endure while struggling with Alzheimers...and then the whole meditative act of drawing and writing as I remember is somehow life affirming.
All these things at once.
I think aging, for some folks, tends to bring their personalities and life-expereinces in to sharper focus...what does your mind hold on to as the other stuff slips away? Your love, your children ...the place where you grew up? Thinking about aging makes me hyper-aware of the life I am living right now- I will be reminiscing about it one day too.
A four panel doesn't tell it all but I sure try to cram in as much of it as possible.


Lady Jane Looks Good In Red said...

I love the way you think, draw and hug. Among other things... :) xoxo

Kalli said...

love this.
so much heart in this post and this comic.
nice job.

Periwinkle Dzyns said...