big boy

I am taking a pause from posting art over here so i can channel my photographic/curatorial energies over at fourfortheday.

just thought i would give you all a tiny update in the meantime.

it's been a crazy few days over here with our ever-growing, ever-independent toddler. we had a week of crib-rail jumping shenanigans and general bed-time + sleep craziness. (today started at 4:30am)
so in the interest of safety i am transitioning rowan into a big bed.
i am pretty much not ready for this step at all but with so many other milestones flying by us it's hard to put on the brakes!
rowan is growing up in lots of big ways but it's the subtleties that i have been noticing too:
he has been riding around this little vintage horse and saying "done" at the end of every meal.
it's cool. it's just i wish we had a pause button sometimes.

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