my big little bro

i adore my brothers and i cherish our visits. recently, my youngest brother gord, made a detour from his trip west and joined me for some quality time, some toddler shenanigans and to meet his newest nephew.

i was determined to make sure gord left with some of my hand-printed clothing of his choice but i haven't been printing in awhile so it was slim-pickins!

so, i was digging through our bin of printed clothing, trying to find something for gord to wear to Australia (among other places). i really wanted something to work so i pretty much suggested every shirt i came across... the poor guy had to remind me about 20 times:
dev, I am size large. I am pretty sure i am size large.

man, baby brothers sure get big. (mine is well over 6 feet tall!)

i was so, so happy to finally see one of my favorite printed shirts fit him.

i was even happier to see that the photo we took of him modeling it happened to be in front of the original tree drawings that inspired the silkscreen in the first place. i couldn't have planned it better.

i wish i could see my little brother way more than a few days a year but i will take what i can get. at least i have his t-shirt size for future reference- maybe i will be more prepared by next summers dig through the bin!

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