drip drip

I should probably save this post for tomorrow so as to stretch out the new stuff i've done a bit longer but i had a few minutes today.
and that's how you get stuff done in this place.

so this is my new painting. i finished it about a week or so ago and then took these photos of my young painting assistant to show the scale. i had the idea for this painting after the terrible plumbing news we had before xmas holidays but also because i wanted something to cover a big section of the "house-sellers-beige" wall in our bathroom.
i thought: if anybody needs some inspiration while they are sitting on our can...drip! drip!

some people decorate their bathrooms with seashells and starfish.
well, this is me.

it's a combination of acrylic paint, ink marker and collage.


kerri said...

You're awesome!

Kalli said...


good work mama.

Natalie said...

omg, love it! I am in Winnipeg now! Would love to see more of your work.

Natalie said...

Love it! He is too cute. I am in Winnipeg now. Hope we can connect.

colourways said...

wow... can't wait to come over and see this.

britt said...

devon, this is a beautiful response to plumbing problems (and home issues in general). glad to see your spirits can't be dampened.

Gran said...

I love your quaffed apprentice