i'm back baby.

man oh man.
what a backlog. ideas shared but not drawn. drawings completed and not scanned. drawings scanned and not moved to proper computer.

today and for this week it will be a flurry of catching up.

i have to say that this has kind of represented my state of mind lately too. some progress made but not much to show for it. effort put out but nowhere near getting anything done or really able to show off.
i clean and tidy the same two rooms more than once a day and they always look like a disaster.
i make efforts to eat well and drink lots of water but my poor body has been dragging for more than two months and my lips are so parched they don't fit together.

perspective: i am growing a new baby and looking after a toddler.
it's winter in winnipeg.
i haven't been outside much.

i won't let myself feel guilty about not getting to something that i love to do. i celebrate when i can get to it and i will continue to hold on through the dry spells.

and check it out! now i got a new comic to share today!!

it's a little rough around the edges but i hope the sentiment reaches you loud and clear,

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Sallie said...

I love the new comic and I love YOU!! Plus, you look good in red! xoxo