gag alert.

this one is pretty mushy so don't say i didn't warn you.

so, curtis and i occasionally leave each other love notes hidden for the other person to find in the morning. this all started back in montreal when we would doodle little pictures or write inside jokes on our kitchen chalkboard back and forth.

adorable and hilarious to us but most likely annoying to our anyone that had to live with us.

so because curtis is up and out the door before rowan and i get downstairs (he leaves around 7:20 am. ack!) i usually tuck love notes/drawings in to various stages of his coffee making (the can of coffee beans, the grinder or the bodum) or sometimes on scraps of paper laying beside the stereo (for when he turns on the radio) or scribbled on to bills stuck to the fridge.

i was particularly impressed with myself when i doodled a little devon saying "i love you" directly on the pizza box in the fridge and then put a leftover roast chicken over it so he would have to move it for the big reveal when he went in to pack pizza for his lunch.

then nothing.

no reply curtis-drawing or note.

turns out he ran out of time and saw it only at the last minute. then a couple more days went by with nothing. i assumed the moment had passed.

then to my surprise and delight at lunch today, i saw his pink sharpie love drawing of us on the pizza box.

naturally i had to draw a version of it for my second last drawing of the february series. so this was me yesterday on march 1, getting a kiss from curtis on our "date night"

it's a fair copy but curtis' drawing is actually way better. turns out; the tablet has nothing on the drawing texture of sharpie on pizza box, refrigerated over night.

pizza never tasted so sweet.