good-bye february, you jerk.

march is "in like a lion" here in winnipeg so let us all agree that it'll be out like a lamb.

so, at the risk of curtis seeing this, (who somehow believes that staying at home with your child is one big holiday), i did manage to have an enjoyable breakfast* at the "fresh cafe" with my lovely and adorable friend crys cole yesterday.

and so, this was me in the morning on monday february 28.
rowan and i shared a delicious smoothie, met a new baby friend named ambrose and then played the hell out of the stairs and some restaurant toys and crayons.

yesterday was also a great day because i woke up with a very pregnant belly!

it's been brewing for 18 weeks and 3 days, and was already looking bigger last week, but yesterday morning, whoa. it's here.

so i got to dress it!

i put on a cute new shirt i got with a bunch of anchors on it, my favorite cardigan (buttoned 'just so') and a great pair of very comfortable maternity jeans (thanks donna)

pretty alright.

*(note to curtis: this occurred just after the doctors appointment, filling a prescription and just before cleaning all the dishes, doing more laundry, cleaning the kitchen and sorting a bunch of mine and rowans old clothes and then going grocery shopping. SO THERE!)

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