Behind (Plexi) Glass

The Platform Gallery, located in the Artspace Building in the Exchange District here in Winnipeg, has a wonderful spot to showcase art.
In the lobby beside the Gallery and across from the Cinematheque ticket booth, you will see a nice substantial area of mounted plexiglass under which has an ever-changing variety of artwork by local artists. Every month, the area is refreshed with new work.

I was lucky enough to be invited to showcase my most recent ink painting portraits of some old folks there. The men are from my memory/imagination (but of course always informed by those I have met probably) and the women were drawn with reference to a hauntingly beautiful collection of photographs that I found in a book called; "The North End" by John Paskievich.
(The milk sniffing lady is on the cover!)

These are large drawings whose size has, so far, been hard to properly document so I have been putting it off- Recently, I got some quick snapshots as they will be coming down on Thursday. (There is some glare/reflection from the glass but you get the general idea.)

It was nice for me to see the series on a wall in a frame. I would love to know what you all think!

(Now I must get back to my ink-pot and giant paper to create some more!)


Lady Jane said...

They look amazing. I want all of your old folks to tell me stories! :) So glad you got to display them. xoxo

Painting workshop said...

These art works are wonderful! I like the first one which seemed like a baker!...Daniel