spring has almost sprung

lately i have been remembering how the changing of the seasons are represented in a nursing home.

window stickies, dollar store banners, accordian-style 3d paper wall decorations, colourful themed napkins at over-the-top themed events and meals, the recreation board colour schemes and the bi-weekly crafts.

and this guy.

this guy whose dementia has rendered him always happy, saying 'yup' and walking circuits around and around the lounge. somehow the nurses got on to this thing where they would put themed headbands on him to spread good cheer as he walked around greeting folks around the home.

i will say here that i am not sure how i feel about this.
and i am not sure how he would feel about this if he was able to respond with anything other than 'yup.'

but thinking back on it, it does give me comfort that the holiday themed head-wear encouraged everyone to acknowledge him passing by, smile back, initiate a conversation about the season/holiday and be just as happy as him for a moment.

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