night terrors

every once in awhile rowan has these wierd episodes in the night that i can only describe as night terrors.

it really creeps me out to stumble in to his room half asleep and feel around in his crib to pick up his screaming and thrashing body. sometimes i think it is teething related, sometimes i think he is sleeping through the experience totally. parenthood is such a guessing game.

not to give anyone else the heebie jeebies but i will even admit that, in my over-active imagination (fueled by the experience of waking to screams) i have been sure that there is an old lady ghost leaning over him and freaking him out. maybe it's the hag.

i think i probably just need more sleep.

this was me sunday february 27. i altered the original drawing by going back over it with an eraser and taking away parts of my head to elongate everything and make it look even more haunting.


Jane said...

:( Poor l'il guy. Last night Oscar woke up crying because he said that Blanka (from Street Fighter) was in his room. Google it. It's terrifying.

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

(hugs) most parents live through this experience with their little one, it's exhausting!
the experts say that night terrors mean their little brains are growing and developing and they are working through things in their expanding awareness while they sleep
take solice, it will be ok!