calm before the storm

here is my second installment of the "make a piece of art every day for a month" pact i made with a group of fellow artists/mothers. as i said before, i have limited myself medium-wise to ink brush on my new tablet in photoshop and subject-wise to daily self portraiture that attempts to portray one succinct emotion/event that stands out from the day.

man, that was a beautiful day. i got outside with rowan, it wasn't -40 with windchill it was more like -10...bliss! i had a super walk and spent more time breathing outside air that day than the rest of the winter combined.

it's a good thing too, because i got slammed by stomach flu about 6 hours later.

so that was me, bundled up, pushing rowan around the neighborhood on Thursday February 3rd. stopped at the park theatre for a cappuccino on the way home while feeling pretty wonderful all around.

ps: can you see rowans tiny happy little hat peeking up in the foreground?

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kerri said...

love it!

Glad to see he had a hat, and it wasn't Devon Disaster take two!