yakkity yak

thank you to my loving husband and best buddy curtis for posting a pretty version of me last time...here is me, drawn by me. today.

man, what a great day of reconnecting. had a lovely and inspiring chat with one of my dear friends, kerri to start the day. (we were talking fun life plans)

next an epic chat with one of my favorite people, kaija. it was a long one and a good one. we were talking new york, masters degrees and owning farms so we can hang out with other loved friends in the country.

a great facebook type-fest with my dear francophone pal, julien who is in love. always nice to hear about new love.

to top it all off, my mom just got home from Golden BC (kicking horse) where she was visiting my little brother so we had a good long conversation about EVERYTHING. (which we are good at!)

i am wired. can you tell by my drawing?!