A flattering portrait

Hi, Curtis here with my bi-annual post. I decided that I should intervene here because Devon likes drawing unflattering portraits of herself and posting them on the internet...but let's face it, in real life she's easy on the eyes. As part of my Valentine's Day gift to her this year I doctored up a portrait of her to grace the cover of the mix CD I was putting together.

It's a melange of collage and tablet tracing. The skin and hair textures are taken from multiple photos of Jennifer Connelly - the first brunette celebrity that came to mind...because she's pretty.
The premise of the mix CD was bands Devon likes doing covers of songs Devon likes. Here's the track listing, in case you're curious:
01] Wilco - Ingrid Bergman
02] Elliot Smith - These Days
03] Jose Gonzalez - Love Will Tear Us Apart
04] Kakai King - Close to Me
05] CC Walker - Never My Love
06] Wild Nothing - Cloudbusting
07] Schneider TM - The Light 3000
08] Of Montreal - She's My Best Friend
09] Billy Bragg - Jeane
10] James Blake - A Case of You
11] Karen O & The Kids - Worried Shoes
12] Bright Eyes - The Biggest Lie
13] Elliot Smith - Harvest Moon
14] Mates of State - These Days
15] The Killers - Romeo and Juliet


Jane said...

I strongly approve of this lovely picture of such a lovely girl. Beautiful.

Sallie said...

She is, indeed, easy on the eyes. Very sweet gift. :)